This is Virginia Tech’s production instance of WordPress, open to anyone at Virginia Tech to make their own blog!

New online resources added for Blogs@VT: 加速器, ssfree加速器, ChangeLog.

Feel free to sign up for your own blog here. Please note that you will need an active VT email address (i.e., an email address that ends with to sign up for a blog.

At this time, VT does not offer custom development support.  We encourage you to search the online WordPress development community. WordPress is mostly a self-service application. Virginia Tech does offer system support to keep the system up and running and we can evaluate and add requested plug-ins and themes (ss加速器). We do also provide materials to get users up and running with basic and advanced configurations that can be found on the Documentation section of the WordPress Support Blog. To report a system issue, please submit a ticket to 4Help.

If you have a suggestion on how to improve WordPress, please enter it here.

Acceptable Use of this WordPress site is governed by Virginia Tech’s Policy 7000: Acceptable Use and Administration of Computer and Communication Systems.
All logins, transactions and IP addresses are routinely logged for security, authentication and Honor System purposes.


WordPress accounts are not stored on a university‐owned resource. Be sure to use a different password than any that you use at Virginia Tech.



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